Amanda Berg
Thanks to Jeff Gould for speaking on effective parenting and inspiring some Harrisburg fathers tonight in the NMS PAC.
1 day ago, Amanda Berg
Harrisburg School District
21 days ago, Harrisburg School District
Harrisburg School District
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JoAnne VerMulm
Did you know? In anticipation of a large crowd for Tiger Bowl 2018, the Parking Lot at South Middle School (600 Cliff Ave., Harrisburg) will be available for parking. Check out details here:
25 days ago, JoAnne VerMulm
JoAnne VerMulm
Are you new to our district? Please contact our registrar as soon as possible to get your child(ren) registered! 743-2567 x3012
about 1 month ago, JoAnne VerMulm