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Section A - Foundations & Basic Commitments
AA School District Legal Status
ABA Community and Parent Involvement in Decision Making
ABAA Parent Involvement in Title I
ABAA-R Parent Involvement Guidelines - Title I (Regulation)
ABAB Parent Involvement
ABAC Relations with Parents
AC Non-Discrimination
AC-R Resolution of Discrimination Complaints
ACAA Sexual Harassment
ACB Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap/Disability
AEA Tobacco-Fre Schools
AEA-R Tobacco-Free Schools (Regulation)
AFAB Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent
AFB-E Evaluation Form for Chief Administrator
AFC Non-Collective Bargaining Staff Evaluation
AFCA Certified Staff Evaluation
AFD Classified Staff Evaluation
AFE Evaluation of Instructional Programs
AFF Complaint Policy for Federal Programs
AGA Contested Hearings
Section B - Board Governance and Operations
BA Board Operational GoalsBDB School Board Study Sessions and Work RetreatsBHB Board Member Opportunities
BB School Board Legal StatusBDC Executive SessionsBHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BBA School Board Powers and DutiesBDDA Notification of School Board Metings
BBAA Board Member AuthorityBDDB Board Meeting Agendas and Format
BBB School Board ElectionsBDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BBBA School Member QualificationsBDDCA Agenda Related Supplemental Information
BBBB Board Member Oath of OfficeBDDD Quorum
BBBB-E Board Member Oath of Office FormBDDE Rules of Order
BBC Board Member Resignation/Removal From OfficeBDDEA Parliamentarian
BBE Unexpired Term FulfillmentBDDF Voting Method
BBEA Unexpired Term Fulfillment ProcedureBDDG Minutes
BBE-E Application for Board of Education Membership FormBDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BBF Board Member Code of EthicsBF Board Policy Development
BBFA Board Member Conflict of InterestBFB Preliminary Development Policies
BCA Board Organizational MeetingBFC Policy Adoption
BCB Board OfficersBFCA Board Review of Regulations
BCC Appointed Board OfficialsBFD Policy Dissemination
BCD School Board and Superintendent RelationshipBFE Administration in Policy Absence
BCD-E School Board and Superintendent Relationship FunctionsBFF Suspension of Policies
BCE Board CommitteesBFG Policy Review and Evaluation
BD School Board MeetingsBHA New Board Member Orientation
BDA Electronic Communication by Board MembersBHAA Board Member Education
Section C - General School Administration
CBB Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
CBC Superintendent Contract - Compensation and Benefits
CBG Superintendent Evaluation Policy
CC Administrative Organization Plan
CCB Lines of Authority and Staff Relations
CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees
CF School Building Administration
CFA Responsible Parties for Supervision and Direction
CH Policy Implementation
CHA Development of Regulations
CHC Regulations Dissemination
CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CK Program Consultants
CM School District Annual Report
Section D - Fiscal Management
DB Annual BudgetDI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DBD Budget PlanningDIB Types of Funds
DBDA General Fund BalanceDIC Financial Reports and Statements
DBH Budget Adoption ProceduresDIE Audits
DBJ Budget ImplementationDJ Purchasing
DBK Budget Transfer AuthorityDJBA Incidental Accounts
DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority - LimitationsDJF Purchasing Procedures
DE Revenues from Tax SourcesDJG Vendor Relations
DFA Revenues from InvestmentsDJG-1 Vendor Relations/Code Of Conduct For The Food Service Department
DG Depository of FundsDK Payment Procedures
DGA Authorized SignaturesDLB Salary Deductions
DGD Credit Card UseDLC Expense Reimbursements
DH Bonded Employees and OfficersDM Cash in School Buildings
DP Funding Proposals and Applications
Section E - Support Services
EA Support Services GoalsEEAA Walkers and Riders
EB Safety ProgramEEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EBA Buildings and Grounds InspectionsEEAC School Bus Safety Program
EBB Accident Prevention and Safety ProceduresEEACA Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
EBBA First AidEEACC Student Conduct on School Buses
EBBB Accident ReportsEEACC-R Student Conduct on School Buses (Regulation)
EBC Emergency PlansEEAD Special use of School Buses
EBCB Fire DrillsEEAD Special Use of School Buses
EBCD Emergency ClosingsEEADA use of Private Vehicles
ECAA Equal AccessEF Food Services Management
ECAB VandalismEFB Free and Reduced Price Food Services
ECAC Video SurveillanceEGAA Printing and Duplication Services - Reproduction of Copyright
ECB Buildings and Grounds MaintenanceEI Insurance Management
EDBA Maintenance and Control of Instructional MaterialsEIBA Indemnification of Employees
EEA Student Transportation ServicesEJ Service Animal Policy
EK Crisis Procedure Manual
Section F - Facilities Development
FB Facilities Planning
FC Facilities Capitalization Program
FD Bond Campaigns
FEB Selection of Architect
FEC Facilities Development Plans and Specifications
FECA Site Plans and Specifications
FED Construction Cost Eliminates and Determinations
FEE Site Acquisition Procedure
FEFA Contractor's Fair Employment Clause
FEFB Contractor's Affidavits and Guarantees
FEG Supervision of Construction
FL Retirement of Facilities
Section G - Personnel
GB General Reference PolicyGBL Personnel RecordsGCPD Suspension of Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GBA Equal Opportunity EmploymentGBM Staff Complaints and GrievancesGCQB Professional Research and Publishing
GBC Staff EthicsGCB Qualifications of TeachersGDA Support Staff Positions
GBCA Staff Conflict of InterestGCBDC Jury DutyGDB Support Staff Compensation Plans
GBCB Staff ConductGCBDD Military LeaveGDBB Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GBCBA Freedom of ExpressionGCBDE Family and Medical Leave
GBCBAA Search and SeizureGCBDE-R Family and Medical Leave Procedures FMLA (Regulation)GDBC Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GBCBB Employee Use of Networking SitesGCD Professional Staff HiringGDBD Support Staff Leaves and Absences
GBE Staff Health and SafetyGCDB Background ChecksGDC Support Staff Recruiting, Posting of Vacancies & Hiring
GBEB Employee Communicable DiseasesGCE Part-Time and Substitute Employment - Professional StaffGDI Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GBEB-R Employee Communicable Disease GuidelinesGCF Hiring Retired EmployeesGDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
GBEC Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Employees - Drug Free WorkplaceGCK Professional Staff Work LoadGDN Support Staff Evaluation
GBG Staff Participation in Political ActivitiesGCL Professional Staff Development OpportunitiesGDPB Resignation of Support Staff Members
GBGA District Involvement in Political ActivityGCN Professional Staff EvaluationGDPC Retirement of Support Staff members
GBI Solicitations GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff MembersGDPD Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
GCPC Retirement of Professional Staff MembersGF Open Enrollment of Staff Members Children
Section H - Negotiations
HA Negotiations Goals
HB Negotiations Legal Status
HC Scope of Negotiations
HD School Board Negotiating Powers and Duties
HH Privileges of Staff Negotiating Organizations
HJ Negotiations Procedures
HL Preliminary Negotiated Agreement Disposition
HN Impasse Procedures
HO Employee Contract Obligations
Section I - Instruction
IGBC Limited English Proficiency InstructionIIBG Use of Computers and Networks
IB Academic FreedomAlternative School ProgramsIIBGA District Owned Computers
IC School Year - School CalendarIGC Extended Instructional ProgramsIIBGB Internet Safety Instruction
ID School DayIGCA Summer SchoolsIICA Field Trips and Excursions
IE Organization of InstructionIGCB Distance LearningIICC School Volunteers
IF Curriculum Development and AdoptionIGCD Advanced College PlacementIJ Guidance Program
Procedures for Challenges of Curriculum and Library Media Center MaterialsIGD Co-curricular and Extracurricular ActivitiesIKE Promotion and Retention of Students
IFA FormIGDA Student OrganizationsIL Testing Programs
IGA Basic Instructional ProgramIGDB Student PublicationsILB State Required Assessments
IGAA Citizenship EducationIGDK Participation of Alternative Instruction StudentsINB Teaching About Controversial Issues
IGAB Human Relations Education - Moral and Character InstructionIGEB Honorary DiplomasIND School Ceremonies and Observances
IGAC Teaching About ReligionIGEB-E Veterans Application for a High School DiplomaINDA Patriotic Exercises and Flag Displays
IGAE Wellness PolicyIGF Changing a Transcript Grade/ Incomplete Grades
Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and TobaccoIHB Class Size
IGAH Family Life and Sex EducationIIAC Library Materials Selection and Adoption
Section J - Students
JA District MissionJEDB Student Dismissal PrecautionsJFCH Alcohol and Other Drug Use by StudentsJHCD The Administration of Medicines to Students
JB Equal Education OpportunitiesJEF Release Time for Religious PractiveJFCJ Dangerous Weapons in the SchoolJHFA Supervision of Students
JC School Attendance AreasJEFA Senior PrivilegesJFCK Cell Phones and Portable Digital Media DevicesJHG Reporting Child Abuse
JD Interscholastic AthleticsJF Student Rights and ResponsibilitiesJFCL Student Registered Sex OffendersJL Student Solicitations and Fund Raising
JEA Compulsory Attendance AgesJFA Student Due Process RightsParticipation in Work Study ProgramsJLA Student Activity and Funds Management
JEAA Students Alternative InstructionJFAA Search and SeizureJFG Interrogations and SearchesJN Student Fees, Fines and Charges
JEB Entrance AgeJFB Education of Homeless ChildrenJFH Student Complaints and GrievancesJNA Loaning of Textbooks
JEC School AdmissionsJFC Student ConductJG Student DisciplineJO Student Records
JECA Admission of Resident StudentsJFCA Student Dress CodeJGA Prohibition of Corporal PunishmentJOA Student Recruitment - Access to Students and Directory Information
JECAA Admission of New Residents and Students From Unaccredited SchoolsAA School District Legal StatusJGB Seclusion and Restraint JP Services and Fees of Non-Attending Students
JECB Open EnrollmentJFCB GangsJGD Student Suspension or Expulsion JRA Epinephrine Auto-Injector for Suspected Anaphylaxis
JECBA Admission of Exchange and Foreign StudentsJFCC Student Conduct on School BusesJHC Student Health Services and RequirementsJRB Peanut/Tree Nut Policy
JECE Student Withdrawal from SchoolJFCD Cyber BullyingJHCA Physical Examinations and Inoculations of Students
JED Student Absences and ExcusesJFCE Student BullyingJHCB Concussion Awareness
JFCF HazingJHCC Student Communicable Diseases
Section K - School-Community Relations
KB School-Community RelationsKH Public Gifts to Schools
KBA Public's Right to KnowKI Public Solicitations and Advertising in Schools
KBAA Public RecordsKIA Distribution and Posting of Promotional Materials
KBAA-R Public Records (Regulation)KK Visitors to Schools
KBC News Media RelationsComplaints from the Public
KBCA New ReleasesKLD Public Complaints About School Personnel
KDG Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on School PropertyKM Relations with Community Organizations
KG Community Use of School FacilitiesKMA Relations with Parents Organizations
KG-1 Facility Usage Agreement KMB Title I Parents Involvement
KGA Senior Citizen - Free AdmissionKMI Relations with Political Organizations (Public Funds)
KGB Public Conduct on School PropertyKN Relations with Governmental Authorities
Section L - Education Agency Relations
LA Education Agency Relations Goals
LBB Cooperative Educational Programs
LEB Advanced College Placement
LI Relations with Education Accreditation Agencies

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