Richy Lawrence

Phone: 703-851-8005
Bus #:  19-3 (Schools) Liberty, South M/S & H/S

Bus Transportation Supervisor:
Roger Timmerman:  605-929-8989

Bus Route #111:  18/19 School Year

Bus StopsTimes
Depart Bus Garage6:44
27150 475th Ave6:48
27144 476th Ave6:50
47681 & 272nd6:52
27151 477th Ave6:54
27145 477th Ave6:56
27118 477th Ave6:57
46845 271st St7:00
271st St & Prairie view Ave7:01
271st St & Morning Glory Ave7:02
480th Ave & Meadowlark St7:03
480th Ave & Wildflower Pl7:04
27219 & 480th Ave7:05
480th Ave & Timber Ridge Pl7:06
271st St & Mariah Pl7:08
271st St & 479th Ave7:09
271st St & Drew St7:10
271st St & Saddlerock Pl7:11
27042 479th AveNR
27082 479th AveNR
27151 479th Ave7:17
27184 479th Ave.7:19
Oak Ridge Place & 479th Ave.7:21
27253 479th Ave.7:22
27257 479th Ave.7:23
27273 479th Ave7:27
27289 479th Ave7:28
Lake Alvin Pl & 479th Ave.7:29
47660 273rd St7:32
47702 273rd St7:33
Columbia St & Willow7:35
South M/S7:40

All times are approximate and students should be EARLY for the first couple of weeks as we smooth things out and the schedule becomes more regular.

All new updates can be seen on the School District website. Go to the Parent – Public tab, then Bus Transportation.

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