About Us


Welcome to the Harrisburg School District.

As you embark upon a new school year, we hope that you will establish high expectations for yourself that will be reflected in your academic achievement, your co-curricular involvement, and your positive contributions to your school community.


It is the vision of the Harrisburg School District to create a legacy of exemplary academics, paired with a comprehensive scope of extra-curricular activities and opportunities that will develop an educational environment of leaders who foster citizenship, exemplify integrity, and evoke critical thinking. As an innovative, leading-edge school district, together we will maximize positive change and transcend barriers.


Building Strong Foundations for Success


Six goals that contribute to the achievement of the Mission, listed without priority in arrangement, define desirable outcomes to be incorporated into plans for our school system.

  1. To provide a quality academic curriculum which ensures students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  2. To provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning which ensures opportunities of success for all.
  3. To provide opportunities to practice responsibility, respect, and acts of good citizenship.
  4. To provide an environment which motivates students to be critical and creative thinkers.
  5. To provide students with challenges and adventures that motivates them to become life-long learners.
  6. To teach respect for the law, the rights of others, and self in a diverse community.

Mission Statement

The Harrisburg School District optimizes student potential through the pursuit of educational excellence in partnership with the school community.

Student Enrollment

The Harrisburg School District’s current K-12 enrollment is 3,999 students (as of September, 2015).

Elementary Enrollment

The current elementary enrollment is 2202 students distributed between

Liberty Elementary (451 students) (200 Willow St. Harrisburg)

Explorer Elementary (357 students)(4010 West 82nd St. Sioux Falls)

Freedom Elementary (398 students) (1101 Tom Sawyer Trail, Harrisburg)

Journey Elementary (491 students) (6801 S Grange Ave, Sioux Falls)

Endeavor Elementary (505 students) (2401 W. 95th Street, Sioux Falls)

Middle School Enrollment

The current Harrisburg North Middle School (2201 W. 95th Street, Sioux Falls) enrollment is 495 students.

The current Harrisburg South Middle School (600 S Cliff Ave. Harrisburg) enrollment is 340 students.

High School Enrollment

Harrisburg High School (1300 W. Willow Street, Harrisburg) has a current enrollment of 803 students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Report Cards

The Harrisburg Report Card contains a wealth of information about our district. It is broken down into six main sections, including student demographics, student achievement, student programming, staff information, auxiliary services, and district finances. Please take the time to review our data. If you need additional information, please contact us.

Annual Report 2016-17

Accountability Assessment Report

Harrisburg High School

North Middle School

South Middle School






South Dakota Department of Education Links

The links below connect to the South Dakota Department of Education. The most recent district profile is available as is assessment results for all South Dakota schools.

South Dakota State Report Card

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