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Child Find

Child Find Public Notice

The Harrisburg School District believes in providing an appropriate education for all children enrolled in the district.

Today, Superintendent James Holbeck of the Harrisburg School District is announcing that the district is conducting its annual Special Education and Section 504 “Child Find” search to identify and evaluate children within the district boundaries, under age 21, who may not be receiving an appropriate education. The district’s Special Education Director, the district’s principal(s), and the special education staff have been identified as the district’s Child Find contacts for any individual who would like to refer a child within the boundaries of the school district.

Any person who knows of a child within the district who may be in need of additional educational services or has unmet educational needs may give the child’s name to the building principal(s) or special education staff, or they may call the school district’s Special Education Administrative office at 743-2567 extension 8 to make a referral.

After obtaining parental consent, the district will conduct an evaluation of the child’s needs, and hold a meeting with the child’s parents or guardian to discuss appropriate educational planning for the child.

Superintendent James Holbeck also stressed that parents are not expected to be able to diagnose a child’s difficulty before they ask for help. The superintendent also said, “It is the philosophy of the school district to see that every child, regardless of their disability, have an opportunity to receive an appropriate education. “

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