Mitch Quien

Phone: 605-321-2976 
Bus #: 12-2  (School) High School

Bus Transportation Supervisor: 
Roger Timmerman:  605-929-8989

Bus Route #014  18/19 School Year

Bus StopsTimes
Depart Bus Barn6:53
S Gange Ave & W Whispering St7:03
S Grange Ave & W Tradewinds St
77th St & Mustang Ave7:04
77th St & S Audie Dr7:05
S Audie Dr & W Laquinta St 7:05
W Laquinta St & S Venita Ave7:06
W Killarney St & W Murphy Dr7:06
W Murphy Dr & S Heatherridge Ave 7:07
S Heatherridge Ave & W Mosby St 7:07
S Heatherridge Ave & W Killarney St7:08
S Heatherridge Ave & W Laquinta St7:08
S Heatherridge Ave & W Braxton Dr7:09
S Heatherridge Ave & W Whitechurch Ln7:09
S Heatherridge Ave & S High Cross Trl7:10
S Heatherridge Ave & S Moor Cross Dr7:10
85th St & High Cross Tr7:11
85th St & W Grand Arbor Cir7:11
W Bitterroot St & S Tivoli Pl7:12
W Bitterroot St & S
Elmstead Cir
W Bitterroot St & S Ludlow Ln7:13
W Bitterroot S & S Meredith Ave 7:14
S Meredith Ave & W Brentridge St7:14
S Meredith Ave & S Callington Ave7:15
77th St & S Colebrook Cir7:15
S Redstone Ave & W Stratton St7:16
S Redstone Ave & W Brandy Wine St7:16
S Redstone Ave & W Auburn Hills Ct7:17
S Redstone Ave & W Bitterroot St7:17
S Redstone Ave & W Auburn Hills St7:18
W Auburn Hills St & S Valencia Dr7:18
W Auburn Hills St & S Russet Dr7:19
W Auburn Hills St & S Meredith Ave7:19
S Meredith St & W Courtyard Ln7:20
S Meredith St & W Sudbury St7:20
85th St & W courtyard Ln7:21
85th St & W Rambler Pl7:21
S Hughes Ave & 86th St7:24
S Hughes Ave & 88th St7:25
S Hughes Ave & 89th St7:25
S Hughes Ave & 90th St7:26
S Hughes Ave & 91st St7:26
S Hughes Ave & 92nd St7:27
S Hughes Ave 93rd St 7:27
W 93rd St & Brett Ave7:28
93rd ST & S Townsley Ave7:28
S Townsley Ave & W Schofield St7:29
S Townsley Ave & W 90th St7:29
S Townsley Ave & W Point Apt7:30
85th St & S Brett Ave7:30
High School7:40
All times are approximate and students should be early for the first couple of weeks as we smooth things out and the schedule  becomes more regular. All new updates can be seen on the School District website. Go to the Parent – Public tab, then bus transportation.
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