Emmett Zorr Varsity Boys Basketball Team Pic
congratulations costain is state volleyball coach of the year

Upcoming Dates: February 7 – 5:45-7:00

School Board

Mike Knudson, Chairperson

Phone:           (605) 310-4509

Email:           mike.knudson@harrisburg.k12.sd.us

Linda Heerde, Vice Chairperson 

Phone:          (605) 670-0954

Email:           linda.heerde@harrisburg.k12.sd.us

Mike Christopherson, Member

Phone:           (605) 212-0330

Email:          michael.christopherson@harrisburg.k12.sd.us

Amber Ellingsen, Member

Phone:           (605) 231-1832

Email:            amber.ellingsen@harrisburg.k12.sd.us

Stacy Haber, Member

Phone:           (605) 338-5717

Email:            stacy.haber@harrisburg.k12.sd.us