Rick Merritt

Phone: 719-233-5207   
Bus #: 09-3  (Schools) Horizon, North Middle

Bus Transportation Supervisor:
Roger Timmerman:  605-929-8989

Bus Route #:621
 18/19 School Year

Bus StopsTimes
Depart Bus Barn6:55
85th & Revillo Pl7:06
85th & Reynolds Pl7:07
85th & Elman Pl7:10
47798 E 85th St7:11
47836 270th St7:12
270th St & Cody Rd7:13
47752 271 St 7:15
47512 271 St7:17
26974 S Cliff Ave7:18
77th St & S Tomar7:19
73rd St & Tomar Rd7:20
73rd St & Diamond Cir7:21
73rd St & S El Dorado Ave7:22
S El Dorado & 70th St7:23
70th St & Medina Cir7:24
70th St & Tomar Rd7:25
69th St & Diamond Apt entrance7:26
USF transfer7:30
S Tanner Ave & S Bounty Pl7:35
S Wells Ave & E Tranquility7:36
E Yorkshire St & S Wells Ave7:37
E Yorkshire St & Durham Ave7:38
S Winston Ln & E Kensington St7:39
Manchester Ct & E Kensington ST7:40
S Southeastern Ave & E Whisper Tr 7:43
S Badlands Ave & S Badlands Ct7:45
E Prairie Wind St & S Vineyard Ave7:46
Horizon Elementary7:50
All times are approximate and students should be EARLY for the first couple of weeks as we smooth things out and the schedule becomes more regular. All new updates can be seen on the  School Distrist  Website. Go to the  Parent -Public tab, then Bus Transportation.
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