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Harrisburg School District 41-2 Annual Report 2016-2017

Oct 13th, 2016 | By | Category: School

facelogoThere is an old saying that goes, “If you are standing still, you are falling behind.” I don’t believe anyone can say that about the Harrisburg School District. Change is a way of life at Harrisburg, mainly due to our student growth and the desire to provide an exemplary education for each and every child within our district.

New building additions for this year include Horizon Elementary, which opened in the southeast part of Sioux Falls as our 6th elementary school. Horizon not only serves as the location for all K-5 students living in that area, but also as our districtwide program for elementary students in need of extra help with behavioral issues. Our high school also saw a large building addition this year, allowing it to house up to 1,400 students. Last year, this building was at capacity with an excess of 800 students. This new addition will allow us to accommodate our current projections for student enrollment until the year 2020. At that time, a decision will need to be made on whether or not to construct another addition or build a second high school.

The Harrisburg School District saw a brand new Junior Kindergarten program added this year for students of enrollment age who may need another year of preparation prior to entering Kindergarten. Freedom Elementary and South Middle School are also experiencing progressive changes with a new personalized learning pilot program this year. Personalized Learning is an exciting instructional method that is now available for students in grades 2-6 who would like to have the opportunity to have some voice and choice in their individualized education. This program partners with our customized learning program at the high school, which is also showing tremendous progress.

It is safe to say that Harrisburg students of all levels and abilities, and in all grades, areview-report given ample opportunities and choices that are not found in most school districts. It is part of what makes Harrisburg great and something we are incredibly proud of!

Mr. Jim Holbeck
Harrisburg School District